Whisky Tasting

Dégustation des whiskies Benriach à l’hôtel Balmoral d’Edimbourg

Le Scotch Bar

Situé au numéro 1 de Princess Street, cet hôtel 5 étoiles de la collection Rocco Forte est un symbole architectural d’Edimbourg (et certainement un des bâtiments les plus photographiés de la ville). C’est dans son bar cosy et élégant, le Scotch Bar, que l’équipe du Whisky Club a participé à la masterclass numéro 6 du Balmoral sur le thème des whiskies du groupe Benriach.


Tasting Notes

Having had some very special Jazz experiences over recent months, which have generally involved a very nice whisky or three to help the evening along, it got me thinking about whisky and jazz, their similarities and exactly why both go so well together. 

I’ve always had a strangely eclectic music taste and as one of the best things to come out of the US, it’s easy to forget that so much of popular music over the years has been influenced by and often included many incredible jazz artists. 


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